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Summertime is HERE in Ocean City Maryland !
Posted On: Monday, June 13th, 2016



Well Yinz the summer is here - and here to stay!

This past week has been a rollercoaster of emotions for us - and probably many of you too- as we watched the Pittsburgh Penguins take on, and overcome, the San Jose Sharks and take home their fourth Stanley Cup.

If you follow us on instagram (@BuxysSaltyDog) or Facebook you have probably seen several of the pictures and videos taken at the Doghouse (and if not - definitely check them out)  Just know - that it was one doggone crazy time.

For each game in the series, you could bet that the Doghouse was a rockin' - filled with our fellow Pen fans, old friends, and even some new ones we met along the way! Buxy himself provided the entertainment, spinning the ol' steel wheels, which let us tell you - was quite a sight to see !

It was certainly a memorable experience and while we are riding high on this wave of excitement, we have still got plenty more of celebration and good times ahead of us -like the OC Air Show taking place later this week and of course - the Fourth of July Parade.

So come on down, join in on the fun and let's have ourselves a great summer!


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