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How About A Throwback?
Posted On: Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Good Morning Yinz!

So here we all are at Buxys Salty Dog Saloon (from here on out, affectionately refered to as the Doghouse) talking about days of old as we watch the rain continue its barrage outside, wondering just where in the world the summer weather is.

Not that the rain is a bad thing, quite the contrary actually; you'd be surprised just how good this town looks after a good scrubin'. Plus, with the busy-busy nature of this town during the summer months, it's nice to have the occasional day where you can't really do much, except relax by yourself, or in our case, spend the time with a few good friends.

We just recently celebrated our 17th year in operation and were discussing how much has changed since our arrival in Ocean City those many, many moons ago - not just the town but the Doghouse as well.

Many of the stories we have been swapping today involve a great number of yinz, and as we were reminiscing, I thought it would be fun to dig up some pictures to share.  

(Chances are there was a bike bar crawl taking place!)

(Nothing but a good time when you're with greak folks!)

(The bar has undergone many changes since we first opened in 1999 - Do any of yinz remember this?!)

(the famout - or infamous! - DJ Batman spinning the steel wheels on a very merry New Years Eve!)



It's been a doggone crazy seventeen years.and we couldn't have done it without Yinz! Thanks for the great, albeit sometimes hazy memories we have shared together - if you'd like to check out more throwback pictures check out this short video collage we made for Yinz :) 

    Click this to see the video -> Video!


Have a wonderful Thursday and a fantastic weekend!

The Salty Dog


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