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25 Days and Counting !
Posted On: Thursday, August 18th, 2016
Wow, sports fans, where did this summer go?!?! Believe it or not, we are t-minus 25 glorious days until the official 2016 football season begins.  While we patiently wait for the Burgh season to get under way, let’s focus our undivided attention on a group of young lions and their amazing coach who has been charged with leading the pack. Penn State is scheduled to begin their season on Saturday, September 3rd in their very own Beaver Stadium vs. Kent State at 3:30pm, which will be conveniently aired for your viewing pleasure at Buxy’s Salty Dog.
Trick question – do you know how many fans can easily be seated in the Beaver Stadium since their expansion in 2001? Anybody care to guess? Let’s just say that Beaver Stadium is the second-largest college stadium in the nation only coming under the Michigan Stadium by 1,029 seats. That’s a big stadium! Well, if you’re like most of us and missed out on the ticket lottery, we can assure you that a good time will be had on 28th street that day. Join us for football, fun and as always, guaranteed camaraderie!
And lets not forget this afternoon's match up as the Steelers Take on the Eagles in the Battle of the Keystone State! For yinz that will be coming in today, we've got a whole bunch of Burgh-favorite food and drink specials ready! So get yer grub and gameday action ON here at the Doghouse




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